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"You can't just place a few "Buy" buttons on your website and expect your visitors to buy" ~ Neil Patel

Let’s face it, when you look into marketing options, you’re goal is not a fancier website or more web traffic. Your goal is more leads and customers – period. While there are thousands of web design and digital marketing companies, guru’s, ninjas, and agencies promising solutions, often easy solutions, to help grow your business, successful digital marketing is not easy.

AWM is a boutique marketing firm – our team works directly with, and on the behalf of our clients. We understand the challenges independent advisors face in growing their business. We follow the online sales and marketing industry very closely, always on the lookout for new strategies and tools that will help improve your business – the same tools and strategies that we count on to grow our business.

The 4 Pillars to a Successful Online Marketing Strategy for Advisors

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As more financial firms have moved online and embraced digital marketing, ranking on the first page and in Google Maps has become more and more challenging. Google and other search engines rank websites based on the websites perceived relevancy to the search phrase, its perceived authority - based on online signals, the proximity of the business to the searcher, and the user friendliness of the website. 

1. Website:

Your website is the hub of all of your marketing activities - your online storefront. While it doesn’t need to be fancy, it should be clean, user friendly, and offer educational content.  

All of our sites are built on WordPress, the world’s most popular and easy-to-use content management system. They are responsive (mobile friendly) and offer the professional look and functionality that you need. 

2. Traffic Generation:

Your sources of traffic are like the spokes to your hub – all lead to your website. Traffic Generation can include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click ads on either a search engine or social media site, social media, YouTube, blogging, etc. Although it can take a while, consistent use of these channels can have a definite impact on your website’s traffic

3. Lead Generation:

Increased traffic is great, but without a system in place to capture leads from that traffic, your business is not likely to benefit from the boost. You need to incorporate a Lead Magnate to encourage visitors to exchange their contact information for your valuable contact. 

4. Lead Nuture:

Now that a user has given you permission to market to them, you must continue to supply helpful, non-salesy, information to them on a regular basis.  

Google’s search algorithm involves more than 200 elements, and with the frequent updates and changes, Search Engine Optimization has become a moving target. As such, it is important to start your climb to the top of the Search Engine Results pages by working with SEO experts that follow and study those changes on a daily basis – like the experts at Advisor Web Marketing. We use only Search Engine “approved” SEO techniques.

What our clients are saying . . .

Alan Moore, Financial Advisor

 Alan Moore 

 XY Planning Network 

"I have worked with Brent multiple times over the last several years, and have been completely satisfied every time. Brent went through my website and worked on SEO, local SEO optimization, and blogging/link back strategies, and within a few months I was #1 on Google search for my targeted keywords. He is also a fantastic educator, and has provided our group of advisors with great information to be able to manage our own SEO strategies. I highly recommend Brent as both an SEO and marketing expert, as well as a speaker." 

Alan Moore - Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®), Certified Retirement Counselor™, and co-founder of XY Planning Network.

Mark Schaefer, Marketing Expert

 Mark Schaefer 

 Marketing Writer & Speaker 

Mark Schaefer - Internationally recognized Marketing expert, speaker, and author of Known, The Content Code, The Tao of Twitter, Born to Blog, Social Media Explained, and more.

Russ Thornton, Financial Advisor

 Russ Thornton 

 Financial Advisor, Founder of Wealthcare for Women 

Having had an opportunity to work with Brent on a couple of occasions in the past, I can confidently recommend him to anyone who is looking for expertise in the area of SEO and online marketing. Brent is a great resource for ideas and I enjoyed working with him very much. I think you will too.

Russ Thornton - Fiduciary Wealth Advisor, founder of Wealthcare for Women.

Rick Kahler, Financial Advisor

 Rick Kahler 

 Kahler Financiall Group

Brent is very knowledgeable in boosting SEO and has helped us maintain a first page Google ranking in our area for many years.

Rick Kahler - MSFP, Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®), founder of Kahler Financial Group

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