Lead Generation for Financial Advisors

You can't just place a few "Buy" buttons on your website and expect your visitors to buy" ~ Neil Patel

Where are the leads?

You have a nice website, your Google Analytics show that you have lots of visitors, but still . . . nothing, no leads? Frustrated with marketing efforts that don't work? We speak to advisors everyday that feel the same way. We can help.

Do you have an Effective Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is an offer on your website that is of such interest to your visitors, that they are willing to provide you with their name and email address - to be added to your list in other words - in exchange for the offered information/service/product.

Join Our Newsletter or Contact Us Today are no longer sufficiently enticing for most visitors, to capture their interest (and information) it has to be more engaging or perceived as being of greater value than those traditional offerings are today.

A Better Lead Magnet for Advisors

We've partnered with a FinTech company that has created an interactive quiz for visitors to your site.

Lead Magnet for Advisors

The quiz, developed by a team of 2 advisors and 2 software developers, asks the user what their financial focus is, automatically adjusts the path the user will take base on that focus, collects user data points for advisor to use in later communication, produces a financial "score" for the user and some suggestions on how to improve their circumstances. Additionally, developers have created a series of follow up emails that will engage with the user on a monthly basis for 6 months.

Advisor Quiz Lead Magnet

The quiz can be customized to display an image of your choosing, and will show your logo and branding. Additionally, the recommendations can be skewed to match more closely to your financial philosophy. 

Try the Quiz Now

Feel free to try the quiz yourself. Create your own user data, see what the quiz recommends.

Like what you see? Try it Free for 30 Days.

Follow up Nurture Emails 

Custom email campaigns have been pre-written and are scheduled to go out to your leads once a month for the next 6 months. The email campaigns can be sent as is, or can be edited and customized.