Citation Building for Adivsors

Citations are listings, or mentions, of your website on other websites or directories – they act somewhat like links for “Local” SEO. They are an important element in Local SEO for two reasons:

  1. The major search engines use them as references to verify your business name, address, and phone number. The more often that your business is “cited”, the easier it is for the Search Engines to find your business, and the more confidence they have in listing it on the search engine results pages
  2. Each of the directories or “citations” can refer visitors to your website directly from their pages.

Finding and creating citations can be a time consuming task, and although not difficult, it is important that they are quality citations, filled out completely and are optimized to coordinate with your Google My Business listing.

If your business is already registered with the Search Engines “Local Business” accounts, but your local listing is not showing up consistently, or is not ranked as highly as you would like, citations may help improve your search results.

AWM can help identify and register your business with more industry and/or location based citations to help with your local rankings.