Lead Generation for Financial Advisors

~ Website Conversion Funnel Optimization ~

Where are the leads?

You have a nice website, Google Analytics shows that you have lots of visitors, but still . . . nothing?

Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization is the process of aligning your website, content, and marketing so that you will capture leads from your digital marketing efforts. The goal is to get some of your visitors to contact you, or at the very least, provide you with their contact information, and the permission to continue to market to them.

Our Process

Frustrated with marketing efforts that don't generate business results? We will help you to identify your ideal client, determine the questions your prospects are asking at each stage of the sales cycle, and help define the type of content, calls-to-action, and lead magnets needed to convert visitors into leads.

We begin by sending you a questionnaire to help us prepare for an online consulting session. You will provide us with information about your current customers and the type of prospects you want to attract. During our call, we’ll review the completed questionnaire and share information with you on the following topics:

  • Identifying your ideal client
  • The three important stages of the sales funnel
  • Typical questions prospects ask at the top- and the bottom-of-the-funnel (and everywhere in between)
  • The difference between a top- and bottom-of-the-funnel content offer

One week after the call, we will provide you with a short, two-page summary of our discussion and outline a three-month editorial calendar designed to target your ideal clients and answer their questions as they move through the sales funnel. We will also provide several suggestions for an online lead magnet offer, and can help create that lead magnet if you wish.

Additionally, we will create graphic icons (buttons) for each of your target audiences, and create a pathway of content leading to your lead magnet for each - similar to what we have on our homepage. Finally, we'll attache the lead magnet to your email provider.

Conversion Funnels

Depending on your business, these funnels could be built around the services you offer, or around the audiences you serve (i.e. millennials, pre-retirees, doctors, young families, etc.).

Conversion Package


Our Conversion Optimization package includes:

  • Client Analysis to identify Ideal Clients/Niche
  • Identifying the 3 stages of your sales funnel
  • Identify common questions for each stage
  • Create content funnel answering common questions
  • Identify and create basic Lead Magnet & CTAs
  • Develop Graphic Icons representing each of the funnels
  • Connect Lead Magnets to email provider