Content Marketing for Advisors

~ The fuel that ignites digital marketing ~

With every update that Google makes, effective Content Marketing becomes more important to your business. Unique content is the key to being found and developing authority on the web!

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the process of marketing to prospective customers through the production of unique and valuable content. The content may take many forms – blog articles, eBooks, videos, podcasts or images, to name only a few – but should be educational in nature rather than an effort to make sales.

The philosophy behind content marketing is that through your content sharing, you will build trust and develop a relationship with the reader, which will in turn, eventually lead to business or referrals from them.

Benefits of Content Marketing

  • Improved Search Engine Rankings: Content Marketing is a very effective SEO tool
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Better targeted traffic coming to your website
  • Demonstrate your expertise – develops trust and earns loyalty
  • Capture Leads
  • Nurture and Convert Leads
  • Why Content Marketing?

    Content Marketing has always been an important element in SEO , however with the introduction of the Google Panda and Penguin updates, which targeted poor quality content sites and bad linking practices, quality Content Marketing has finally been recognized as the champion of SEO, traffic generation, and lead generation.

    In addition to drawing qualified traffic to your website, content marketing will help to position you as an industry expert, and to develop trust and loyalty among those that read your content – first drawing them into the sales funnel, then moving them through the various stages, and finally resulting in a sale as they move out of it.

    Types of Content:

    • blog articles
    • white papers
    • videos
    • webinars
    • infographics
    • slideshows
    • images
    • eBooks
    • social media posts
    • email
    • and more . . .

    Content Marketing can present many challenges for advisors working to grow their business – Advisor Web Marketing can help you overcome those challenges.

    Our Advisor Content Marketing Services Include:

    1. Custom Blog Articles: Order blog articles on a regular or "as needed" basis. Our writers can work from your original outline, or can re-work already published content. Our work is guaranteed – we will continue to edit and modify until you’re happy with your article.

    Sample Custom Blog Articles:

    How to Use an Annuity to Create Your Own Retirement Pension

    Long-term Care: Why an Annuity Could Make Sense in Your Funding Strategy

    Taxation Playbook

    Continuity Planning vs. Succession Planning

    ~ Professional Link Builder after reviewing our client's new content: "This is a full-on, hardcore yes.  What a great improvement in the content!"

    2. Content Library: Subscribe to our Content Library and have access to pre-written blog articles, newsletters and more – already compliance approved for many brokers.

    Sample Articles from our Content Library:

    The U.S Military Rolls Out the Blended Retirement System (BRS)

    A Primer for Estate Planning

    A Look at Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

    3. Blog Management: Our blog management service includes posting the article on your website, finding a great image from our library, formatting the blog for user friendliness, creating internal links where appropriate, optimizing it for SEO, and sharing it on social media. 

    4. White Papers/PDFs: Generally longer than a blog article, white papers show "industry expertise" and  can be offered as downloadable content.

    5. eBooks: Generally longer than white papers. In addition to writing your eBook, we’ll format it and provide an e-cover.

    6. Infographics: Graphical information articles can be a nice alternative to text based blog articles, and are great for link building.

    Contact us to order your professionalunique, and guaranteed content!

    Custom Articles

    $150 per article

    Custom blog articles, you own the authorship and copyrights.

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      400-600 words
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      Can be created existing published work, or from your original outline.
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      Save 10% on orders of 12 or more.

    Content Library

    $40 per month

    We've partnered with MarketingPro to offer our clients access to their library. Same monthly fees, but no set-up fee.

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      Wave Set-up fee of $99
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      Unlimited Content
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      Already Compliance approved for many brokers.

    Manage Blog

    $50 per article

    We'll take care of managing your blog articles - from our content sources or yours. (does not include subscription to Content Library).

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      Post article to blog
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      Format and optimize article
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      Add image from our library