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Financial Advisor WordPress Websites

At AWM, we are WordPress specialists. Why? Simple – its the same reason that this site is a WordPress website – we believe that WordPress offers the best Website platform for most small and medium sized businesses.

WordPress Websites

Who else uses WordPress?

WordPress is the largest self-hosted website and blogging tool in the world, used on millions of blogs and websites around the globe.

WordPress Users

WordPress Users

We’re proud to to offer Responsive (Mobile) WordPress websites and blogging platforms as the “hub” to to our client’s online business.

As the “hub” of your internet marketing strategy, your website will be central to all of your marketing efforts. It is where you will send traffic from your social media, blogs, video, or advertisements, where prospective clients will go to get to know you and your firm, and if done right, where leads will be generated from that traffic.

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Why WordPress?

WordPress sites are theme based and highly customizable, often just through the use of widgets or plugins. In addition, they are easy to update or change to match the ever changing trends in web design, and integrate easily with other marketing platforms and tools.

1. Content Management System

The WordPress platform currently offers the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the internet.

A content management system is a system that takes control of the website out of the hands of the web programmer and puts in the hands of the business owner or his/her employees. It makes working on your website as easy as working on Word documents – no coding skills required – and is a must for any business owner serious about online marketing

2. Responsive (Mobile) Design

Our themes all offer Responsive Design – which means that they automatically adjust to the screen that they are being viewed on – whether it be Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Smart Phone. No need for a second Mobile ready site!

There are thousands of free and premium “themes” (usually under $50) available for you to choose from, and all are relatively easy to customize to meet your needs. Our professional team will work with you to find the right theme; set up your new website; transfer your existing content, or work with you to develop new content; customize the look and feel of your website; and train your staff to use it; or we can remain on project as a partner an manage it on your behalf.

3. Customizable: The basic structure and function of your website can be set through a WordPress theme – there are 1000’s of Free and Premium templates to choose from. Each theme can then be easily customized further through the addition of the hundreds of plug-ins that are available.

4. Affordable: Because of the theme set up, WordPress websites can usually be built more quickly, and at a lower cost then traditional HTML websites. The content Management System allows you (or your staff) to make changes, so you save on Management fees, and because of Responsive design, you only build one website (rather than tw0).

5. Professional Design: Unlike many other alternatives to custom designed websites, WordPress websites have the look, feel, and functionality of a professional, commercial website.

6. Redtail Integration: For our Advisor clients, we have recently partnered with Redtail to allow integration with their popular CRM software.

Choose the WordPress Package that’s Best for You

Standard WordPress Website: $2500

Our Standard package offers a branded WordPress website. We use our favorite theme for this package – it is the theme we’ve used for our site – and because of our familiarity with this theme, we can complete your site more efficiently (it is an extremely flexible theme and can provide for many different styles/looks). We’ll work with you to develop the look and feel that you want from your website, and will help you get up and running once its ready. Our work, and your satisfaction, is guaranteed.

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Subscription Website and Marketing Package: Starting at $400 Set up fee + $99/month

We also offer a subscription based website and marketing package. It is a value priced package created to help financial firms from have to make a big upfront commitment to technology.  It subs square-250x250includes:

  • Our Standard WordPress Website (see above)
  • High Speed, Secure WordPress Hosting
  • Standard On-Page SEO Package

Custom WordPress Website: Starting at $2500

Prefer to use a theme other than our Standard theme? No problem, we can help you select the WordPress theme that best meets your needs, then design your site to your specifications. Contact us to set up a consultation and custom bid.

WordPress Hosting available through WP Engine.