LinkedIn Publisher

Should You Publish Your Content On LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn publishing platform was originally reserved for invited “Influencers” – people like Richard Branson, T. Boone Pickens, and Bill Gates. LinkedIn members could then choose to “follow” the thought leaders that interested them. However, in 2014, LinkedIn opened up the Publishing Platform to all members, giving each of us the opportunity to become thought […]

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Twitter verified badge

How to Apply for Twitter “Verified” Status

If you’re a Twitter user, you’re probably already familiar with the Twitter Verification badge – the white check mark on a blue background signifying that the account represents the person or organization that it claims to represent. “Verified” status is reserved for accounts that may be of public interest – celebrities, media, politics, business, public […]

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Thumbnail Image

Is Your Thumbnail Image Costing You Business?

How much time did you put into picking your thumbnail picture? You know . . . that little picture of you or your business that appears on your profile or beside your comments and updates; . . . the one that is on sites like Triberr, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and appears beside your blog comments […]

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SEO Confusion

SEO Demystified

The one constant that you can count on in SEO is change – new rules, new restrictions, new algorithms, new devices, new penalties, new best practices. . .  These changes don’t go unnoticed by the SEO community – they result in blogs. Lots and lots of blogs – maybe too many blogs? Despite all of […]

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Businessman Pushing Button Ranking Five Rating Stars

How to Identify Your “Almost Ranking” Keywords for Quick SEO Wins

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should not be looked at as a “one and done” project – instead it should be part of a broader, on-going marketing plan. Unfortunately, when it comes to on-going SEO, many DIY marketers are given the generic advice to “create great content” and “be active on social media”, while many providers […]

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