YOUR PRACTICE – How advisers can get Google to like their websites

The following article originally appeared on Reuters’ Your Practice. When financial adviser Rick Kahler wanted to revamp his marketing strategy three years ago, he decided to learn about the hype surrounding “search optimization.” This is the catch phrase for strategies businesses use to make sure their websites are among the first to appear in results…


The Top 50 Triberr Blogs of 2014

In November of 2014, on what was then my WP Subs blog, I announced a Triberr Top 50 blog contest. Bloggers were to be nominated, voted on, reviewed for authority and social engagement, then the Top 10 were to be ranked by our judges – Gini Dietrich, Ana Hoffman, and Marcus Sheridan. The results were to…

Google Update

Google’s “Quality” Signals Update

Google has confirmed to Search Engine Land that earlier this month it did update its core algorithm in regards to how it measures content quality. Speculation from webmasters and publishers affected by this update had ranged from a Panda or Penguin update, to a ‘Phantom’ update targeting “how-to” posts. Although Google didn’t provide specific details on the changes, they…

Advisor Calculator

Should You Offer Financial Calculators on Your Financial Planning Website?

The addition of Financial Calculators to an advisor’s website is a common consideration during the design process. The tools are well known, readily available, and are a regular offering on many finance related websites. The downside – professional calculators can be an expensive add on. Are they worth it? Case Study A client recently asked that…