Mobile Friendly Websites for Advisors

mobile userAlthough the data varies depending which study you look at, one thing is clear – mobile search is becoming more of a factor with searchers every year, and now is a search engine ranking factor.

Local mobile searchers exceeded desktop searches for the first time in 2015.

Research has consistently shown that:

  • more users are searching on mobile, especially for local information
  • mobile search has a high rate of follow through among searchers – they visit your site or store, contact you, or make a purchase
  • mobile searchers do not want to wait longer for your site to load, or have to deal with small print or a bad user experience.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

As of April 21, 2015, Google’s mobile algorithm began promoting mobile-friendly websites in the search rankings, while hiding those that are deemed to be not mobile-friendly. Is your site mobile-friendly? Take Google’s free test to find out:

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Responsive Design

The latest innovation in mobile search is called Responsive Design.Responsive websie

Responsive design results in your website adjusting to fit on whatever size of screen its being viewed on, whether its a desktop, tablet, or smartphone – it even makes adjustments to accommodate a portrait vs landscape view.

Offering a mobile friendly version of your website, one that also provides a good user experience, is now a must for search success. If you’re site loads too slowly, or is difficult for users (high bounce rate), Google will rank you lower than they otherwise might.

All of our websites incorporate Responsive Design.

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