Our Process

“A good process produces good results” – Nick Saban

Guaranteed Results

Our guarantteed, results based begins with an information gathering meeting, which helps us to better understand your business, your clients, and your goals for the future.

Following our meeting, we jump into a deep dive of your business, as well as those of some of your primary SEO competitors.

Through this research, we are able to provide you with a full and detailed plan of what it would take to successfully grow your business online. We call this plan the Advisor Marketing Prospectus (AMP).

Once a plan is agreed upon, we set up definitive timelines for implementation and completion, and work with you to put the plan into place.

Along the way we provide monthly detailed progress reports outlining the work that has been completed, the results that we have achieved, and the focus of our work for the next stage of implementation.

We continue to work on your project until you rank for a primary, agreed upon keyword. No matter how long that takes, you only pay the agreed upon project price.