Use Professional Photos for your Digital Financial Products

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Advisor Marketing

Use Professional Photos for Your Digital Financial Products

Amazon Product Photography

Writing a book or creating a course can create a host of benefits to financial professionals. Digital or real-life products can reinforce credibility and help establish financial advisors as thought leaders and authority figures in the eyes of potential clients. In addition they can provide you an array of invaluable marketing opportunities – lead magnets, mailers, speaking engagements, etc..

If you want to sell your book on Amazon and other sales sites, professional photography can take your digital product to a higher level and help you sell more books. From the financial advice you provide your clients to the images you portray, every element needs to be cohesive when it comes to connecting with your intended audience.

Think you can boost your online book sales by taking your own photos? Think again…

In today’s visual world, people want to see what you offer in the best light possible. Remember, the images you provide represent you and your expertise. Low-quality, unprofessional photos will communicate the same about you and can potentially damage the success of your online book sales.

4 Reasons Professional Amazon Product Photography Is Important

1. Branding – Professional photography helps consumers embrace your brand. This includes product, on-location, logo, and team photos instead of trying to find stock images that come “close” to what you represent. If you want to capture what makes you unique and sets you apart, professional photography is extremely important.

2. Trust Building – When people research your book or product, you’ll want to build trust with them by offering actual photos of you and the financial expertise you offer. Professional photography allows you to feature genuine faces, locations, and services that build trust with your consumers as a one-of-a-kind original. What you don’t want to feature is a stock photo that consumers recognize from another financial advisors book or website.

3. Consistency – With professional photography, you’ll ensure the images you use best represent you as a financial expert. Personality, feelings, and trustworthiness show through your photos. Financial authors that present themselves in a professional, polished manner will immediately appear more reputable in the eyes of their readers.

4. Sound Investment – Once professional photos have been taken, they are yours to keep and can be used for a wide variety of promotional purposes. In fact, they can be used over and over again in print, email, websites, blogs, brochures, ads, and social media, thus making them a sound financial investment and a powerful marketing tool.

In Conclusion…

It takes time and effort to sell your financial products on Amazon. However, professional  photography is an investment worth making. Professional, high-quality photographs will help showcase you and your expertise in a way DIY or stock images simply cannot. It is this customization that will help set you apart from the crowd and your competition.

If you are currently in the process of writing a book, finalizing a finished manuscript, or ready to launch a course, it’s important to provide professional images of the financial products and services you offer along with individual, business, and on-location photographs to showcase the professional vision of your next bestseller.

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