Video drives a 157% increase in Organic Traffic
can increase Landing Page Conversions by 80%

Video Production Services for Advisors

Video marketing is perhaps the most effective form of content marketing available to small businesses:

  1. SEO: Video performs very well in Search Engines. Youtube is the number two most frequently used search engine in the world (next to Google) and is owned by Google
  2. Higher Click Through Rate: Most searchers overwhelmingly prefer video to text. It has a 41% higher click through rate when compared to its plain text counterparts (ReelSEO).
  3. Building Trust: Video is more effective in allowing a visitor to get to know you and your company. They can see your face and hear your voice - much more personal then written content. Because of this, it can help boost visitor conversions. 

Our Video Production Process

No scripts or memorizing lines! You don't have to worry about writing out and memorizing a script. We work with you to determine the the information you want to convey through your video, then develop a questionnaire based on those topics. The videographer will ask you those questions and record you responses, and take background shots of your office and staff.  We will then take all of the footage shot, add an introductory and ending segment, music, and transitions to create a professional video. Prior to the shoot, we will work with the videographer to make sure that the provide appropriate feedback and suggestions as you are recorded, and that you can re-shoot any sections that you feel you didn't answer well.

Our Video Production Options

Website Videos

These are usually either Introduction Videos or Explainer Videos and generally last from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Standard Video

Set up fee: $500 + $500/video

Our Standard Video package includes creation of an opening and closing sequence, a coaching call, final editing, placement, and SEO optimization.

  • Assist in finding local videographer
  • video-camera
    Create opening and closing sequence
  • Introductory coaching call to establish goals, best practices, topics, and more (part of the set up fee)
  • Help establish content/questions
  • Editing of footage to final video
  • Set up Youtube Channel
  • Placement of video on Website and Youtube
  • Search Engine Optimization of Videos on Youtube
  • Share Video to your Social Channels 

* Does not include shooting video footage